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Kiyohara Overseas Trade Introduction

Overseas trade

Our business experience in overseas market, accumulated by the activities our trading division has cultivated for years, will help customers establish overseas strategy and provide solutions in each field of import, export and overseas operation.

If you are customer interested in importing craft materials and notions which could add value for crafter’s lifestyle, KIYOHARA could be your best supplier with wide range of products, from dressmaking notions to craft kits and parts.
Please enjoy looking at our Hobby and Craft page to see our product category, and if you find some interesting items, please write us through our inquiry form.

If you are apparel manufacturer or importer of high fashion materials, we would be pleased to provide you full range of garment products and materials which are Asian top quality level. Please take a look at our Apparel material pages to know the product categories in which we can be your best supporter.

KIYOHARA has sales staff with expertise in garment materials, craft tools & materials and miscellaneous fashion goods in the global market such as U.S., Europe and Asia. We are proudly calling ourselves “the most experienced trading company, specialized in apparel material”.
We have overseas subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and branches in Seoul and Taipei.
Thanks to these Global Asian network, KIYOHARA has an great advantages in supplying the right product to our customers; high fashion materials from Japan and price concerned product from our Asian subsidiaries.


KIYOHARA’s original fabric crafts:
“ricco-ricco”, “me-in baby”, “puti de pome”, “ecrulat” and “+Fab”.
Dressmaking tools and notions
Craft kits and parts.
Printed fabric featured with “Emiko Takahashi”.
Lace & trim
Belts and fashionable product,
zippers and other fastners.