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About us


A leading Fashion and Garment accessories enterprise, wholly owned by Kiyohara & Co. (H.K.) Ltd. ,with the general taxpayer qualifications and the right for import and export trading business in PRC.
Over a decade, Kiyohara gains much reputation and large market-share in Asia, Middle East, North and South America. Keeping our promise of delivering with promptitude, Kiyohara Adheres to qualified all our products with extra attentions.

Main Products: Variety car accessories such as socket set, hand tools, air compressor, bottle jack, booster cable, ratchet tie down, chromed wrench, sparking plug wrench, Oil filter wrench, tow rope , working & warnning lamp etc. Various clothing products and handicrafts, including: various texture lace, ribbons, Elastic, buttons, beads and leather products (belts, handbags, fur). Our products exported to Japan, Europe and America, and Middle East countries Our Group's Headquarter and cooperate

oversea office :Osaka,Tokyo,Gifu,Nagoya,Kobe,Fushan,Seoul,Taiwan,Shanghai,HongKong, etc.


The mottoes of KIYOHARA

Let us contribute to develop and improve life and culture.

As a top enterprise which supplies clothing,textile materials and others,we will further contribute to the industry,
tackle to create and develop a rich life and culture,and go forth toward a "life creating enterprise"


Let us work,learn and elevate humanity with enthusiasm.
Each of us will tackle the work with romance,ambition and enthusiasm,and reflect the experience and knowledge obtained through the job into the next self-enrichment,and we will also endeavor to be reliable to customers.


Let us make KIYOHARA full of originality,always stirring and fascinating.
We keenly respond to the changing fashion and various needs of the market, always challenge for the future ,display the originality to the full, and thus go forth toward an enterprise that brings to customers unlimited possibility and definite results.